"Hazy Memory" from her Mint Records debut "Party Girl"

"Dirty Secret" from her Mint Records album "Terrible Hostess"

"Fuzzy Slippers" Live at Nuno's SXSW 2006  

"In A Valley" Live at the #1 Canadian Legion in Calgary  

"All Season Tired" a new holiday song with footage from the 2013 Rainbirds Tour

"Baby Goats" from her Mint Records album "Queen of Vancouver Island"

"Get It Up! (Song For The Calgary Stampede)" from her Roaring Girl debut album, "Come! Back! Special!


New Album, Come! Back! Special! now available on Roaring Girl Records!!!


At Home On Tour with Carolyn Mark & Tolan McNeil (1999)
1. You Belong to Me (Acuff/Rose) - Living Room (mp3)
2. Princess Phone (Mark) - Living Room (mp3)
3. Catscan (McNeil) - Tolan's Room (mp3)
4. In A Valley (Mark) - Living Room (mp3)
5. Not A Doll (Mark) - Radio Show at CFUV (mp3)
6. Sleepy Buckaroo (McNeil) - Tolan's Room (mp3)
7. I'm So Lonesome (Williams) - Living Room (mp3)
8. Hartland (McNeil) - Tolan's Room (mp3)
9. Both Ways (Mark) - The Basement (mp3)
10. Lost Highway (Van Zandt) - Tolan's Room (mp3)
11. This Forced Smile (Mark) - Scott's Room (mp3)
12. Not Another Other Woman (Mark) - Living Room (mp3)
13. I Want My Fifty-Two Dollars (Long/McQuade) - Answering Machine (mp3)

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